Public Hearing Meeting for Proposed Library Budget Vote

Online Meeting on Thursday, May 28 at 7:00PM

All are welcome to attend. This meeting will be held virtually via BlueJeans video conferencing. To join the meeting on a computer or mobile phone:
Or Phone Dial-in 1-408-419-1715 (United States)

Port Jervis Free Library's 2020-21 Operating Budget and Trustee Election

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way our library operation budget and trustee election will be conducted this year.  Because Governor Cuomo has ordered that voting be conducted “remotely,” all registered voters will receive an absentee ballot in the mail that will include a postage paid return envelope and ballot.  IF INDIVIDUALS ARE CURRENTLY REGISTERED TO VOTE WITH THE SCHOOL DISTRICT, THEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE AN ABSENTEE BALLOT IN THE MAIL AND THEY DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER.  For this election, the library has partnered with Port Jervis City School District so the school district’s vote and the library’s vote will appear on the same ballot. All absentee ballots must be received in the School District Office by 5:00 pm on June 9, 2020. 
     The Board of Trustees of the Port Jervis Free Library, 138 Pike Street, Port Jervis, Orange County, New York, HEREBY GIVES NOTICE that for Library purposes, a Special District Meeting of the qualified voters of the Port Jervis City School District will be held for the purpose of voting on the proposition hereinafter set forth, by absentee ballot only.
     That for the fiscal year July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021, the Board of Education of Port Jervis City School District, Orange County, New York, shall be authorized to levy taxes on the taxable real property of said School District in the Port Jervis Free Library Budget.
     A copy of the July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021 Port Jervis Free Library Budget will be available at the Port Jervis Free Library’s website for a period of twenty-eight (28) days prior to said Special District Meeting.
     That pursuant to 260 of the Education Law, one (1) Library Trustee will be elected at said Special District Meeting.
     All currently registered voters of the Port Jervis City School District are eligible to vote on the Port Jervis Free Library Budget and for the one (1) vacancy on the Board of Trustees of the Port Jervis Free Library.
     NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN, that a special information meeting of the qualified voters of said School District will be held via an Online Virtual Meeting on the 28th day of May 2020, at 7:00 PM prevailing time, to consider the Library Tax Levy Proposition to be submitted at the aforesaid Special District Meeting. Information regarding how to access the Online Virtual Meeting will be posted on the Library’s website.
     NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN that voting for the Port Jervis Free Library Budget and Library Trustee will take place by absentee ballot only. Absentee ballots must be received by the District Clerk of the Port Jervis City School District by no later than 5:00 PM, prevailing time, on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Voting for the Port Jervis Free Library Budget, Library Trustee, and voting on School District matters will be on the same absentee ballot.
     By Order of the Trustees of the Port Jervis Free Library, Port Jervis, New York
Dated:  Port Jervis, New York
   May 7, 2020

Book Sales  $        4,000.00
Fines            5,000.00
Non-Res Fees               800.00
Copier Fees            7,000.00
Gifts               500.00
Library Merchandise               200.00
Local Public Funds Ola            4,500.00
State Aid LLSA            5,000.00
RCLS Grants & State & Bullet Aid            3,000.00
State Aid Construction          35,000.00
Interest            2,500.00
Real Prop. Tax     1,085,512.00
Services To Other Governments          30,000.00
Use Of Fund Balance                       -  
FINAL BUDGET TOTAL -                   $ 1,183,012.00
Salaries FT  $ 130,000.00
Salaries PT     220,000.00
Salaries Director       75,000.00
Salaries Maintenance       47,500.00
Cont. Supp. Exp.         1,100.00
Employer SS       30,000.00
Employer Med         7,000.00
Books - Adult       25,000.00
Books - Child         7,000.00
Books Friends         1,000.00
Periodicals         5,200.00
Audio - Adult         4,500.00
Video - Adult         4,650.00
Video - Child         1,500.00
ANSER       46,000.00
Computer Eqpt         7,000.00
Library Supplies         6,000.00
Ins.-Fire & Liab.       18,000.00
Ins.-Wrkms Comp         5,000.00
Ins.-Disability            200.00
Electricity       14,000.00
Gas         8,000.00
Water         1,500.00
Telephone         5,000.00
Janitor Supplies         3,000.00
Building Mtnc       31,662.00
Building Improvements       70,000.00
Copier Mtnc         5,000.00
Microfilm Mtnc         1,000.00
Civil Service         1,400.00
Prof. Svcs         5,000.00
Hub       88,600.00
Bookkeeping & Board Rptg       55,000.00
Advertising            500.00
Conferences         1,200.00
Dues            600.00
Postage         1,500.00
Programs         5,500.00
Programs Children         5,000.00
Grants/Gifts Child Nutrition            500.00
Health Ins.     170,000.00
Retirement       59,000.00
Library Elect.            500.00
Elevator Mtnc.         6,000.00
Hist. Presvtn.            500.00
Security System         1,400.00
FINAL BUDGET TOTAL -                  $ 1,183,012.00

Port Jervis Free Library Board of Trustees announces the closure until further notice

The Port Jervis Free Library Board of trustees announced the closure of the library until further notice due to health concerns. We are continuing to follow COVID-19 developments closely and will determine if additional closures are needed. 
We will be providing library updates on a regular basis. Stay connected with us on our library website,  FacebookInstagram  or by emailing use with your questions at

During the closure Port Jervis Free Library patrons will be able to:
Part of serving our community is continuing to provide our services beyond the library walls. During this time at home, connection is needed now more than ever, and we're here to keep you connected.

Through virtual communication, we are still together.