Port Jervis Free Library Event Calendar

Date: 2/11/2020
Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Title: BACKYARD SERIES - Make Your Own Maple Syrup
Contact: , 845-856-7313 x 5
Location: Community Room
Description: *Program in the Community Room*
This is a class for beginners—for those who want to experiment inexpensively with producing maple syrup from the trees in their own yard (or the neighbor’s yard if they agree).
Maple syrup is among the oldest, natural food products in North America. Folklore credits Native Ameri-cans with the discovery of this flavorful, natural sweetener and European settlers with adopting and re-fining the practice. There are no authenticated accounts of how maple syrup production and consumption began, but various legends exist. One of the most popular involves maple sap being used in place of water to cook venison served to a chief. Other stories credit the development of maple syrup production to the spirit Nanabozho, or mythical culture hero Glooskap, or even the squirrel.
Come to the class and learn about the basic rather inexpensive equipment needed and where to get it; the best trees to tap and how; the methods of boiling the sap into syrup; the multiple uses of maple syrup; and the do’s and don’ts. Come to the class and reward yourself with your own maple syrup this spring.
Presenters: Cindy Coker and Fred Harding Charge: Free
Cindy and Fred have been tapping their maples for several years and make enough to use in their home-made breakfast sausages and on their pancakes and oatmeal plus a little bit more for family and friends.

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